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Crisis & intervention for victims, information & referral to community resources; distribution of 911 cell phones to clients; outreach materials and community presentations to schools, businesses and community organizations; court advocacy including assistance to file for protective orders, accompaniment to court proceedings.


In 2012, the Jennings County 911 Call Center received 506 emergency calls for domestic violence related incidents.

In 2012 the Jennings County Council on Domestic Violence directly assisted 393 primary victims of violence, 73 of these women were over the age of 50. There were 61 secondary victims, mostly children that were indirectly served by our agency this past year. These individuals were victims of abuse by an intimate partner or spouse. 90% of the people seeking our services reported drug and alcohol abuse in their homes. Our staff assisted many of the abused in obtaining a protective order to keep their abuser away. In January of 2013 JCCDV opened a 24/7 shelter in our community for women and children who are victims of domestic violence. We also make referrals to food banks, attorneys, hospitals, counseling, and employment opportunities. We work closely with the Prosecutor's Office, North Vernon Police Department and the Jennings County Sheriff's Department to help keep victim's safe and to prevent further violence. Through our Education/Outreach program, our staff provided 3,500 individuals with materials about the effects of domestic violence in our community. JCCDV presents programs to all of the 7th, 8th and 9th grade classes, including St. Mary's Catholic School 6th, 7th & 8th grades. A total of 1,750 students received educational presentations.

Acts of Domestic Violence affect every segment of our society. Friends, relatives, and coworkers are also indirectly affected by the abuse. Employers lose millions of dollars in productivity due to employee absenteeism. Family relationships are broken and friends feel powerless to help stop the violence.

Our goal is not to break up families, but to help them make informed decisions regarding their safety and the safety of their children in order to end the violence in their lives. Statistics show that children who witness abuse are at great risk of injury during an incident of parental violence, traumatized by fear and their own helplessness to protect the parent, blame themselves for not preventing the violence or believe they are the cause. Violence witnessed at home is often repeated later in life and violent parental conflict has been found in 20-40% of the families of chronically violent adolescents and adults.

Help us decrease the incidents of domestic violence reported each year in Jennings County. Call our office and schedule a presentation for your employees or Human Resource staff. Refer individuals to our office who may be victims of abuse and do not recognize the signs or think there is no where they can go for help. Sponsor a fundraising event to show the community you support our efforts to promote safety and freedom from violence for families in Jennings County.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our organization.
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