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If you answer yes to more than one of these questions, you may be involved in an abusive relationship with an abusive person. You are not to blame for your partner's abusive behavior. Your only responsibility is to seek help for yourself.

  • I feel my partner is trying to run my life.
  • I feel like my opinions or emotions don't matter in our relationship.
  • My partner puts me down and calls me names.
  • My partner "forbids" me to do things - see friends, wear certain clothing, or do something/go somewhere I want to.
  • I find myself asking my partner's permission to spend time alone with friends or to engage in activities that do not include him/her.
  • I am often accused of flirting when I talk to friends of the opposite sex; my partner is very suspicious and jealous of me. I try to please my partner, only to be criticized again.
  • My partner was abused as a child or came from a family where abuse was present.
  • When we argue, my partner always has to "win" the argument, and won't listen to my side of the story.
  • I am sometimes afraid of my partner.
  • I feel nervous or afraid to refuse my partner's sexual advances.
  • My partner blames others for his/her actions or problems.
  • My partner is often depressed - abuses alcohol and/or drugs.
  • My partner presents a dual personality - from extreme tenderness to extreme aggressiveness.
  • I have been threatened by my partner (with a break-up, with physical harm, with suicide, etc.)
  • My partner has destroyed or stolen my property to "punish" me.
  • My partner has hit, kicked, slapped, pushed, or otherwise struck me during an argument.
  • My partner is sorry the violence happens, but takes no responsibility for violent actions.
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