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Did you know...
It is estimated that 2.1 Million Americans suffer from Elder Abuse.

What is Elder Abuse?
By definition Elder Abuse is the infliction of physical, emotional, or psychological harm on an older adult.

What are some Signs of Elder Abuse?
  • Physical Signs
    • Bruises
    • Rope Marks
    • Refusal to go to the same
    • Emergency Room
  • Emotional/Psychological Signs
    • Uncommunicative
    • Unreasonably fearful
    • Lack of interest in social contacts

Neglect is Elder Abuse
Neglect often happens in the home. It is a myth that neglect only happens in the Nursing Home.
Signs of Neglect Include:
  • Sunken eyes
  • Loss of weight
  • Extreme thirst
  • Bed sores

Why does Elder Abuse happen?
There are many reasons why Elder Abuse occurs. The most common reasons are: family situations created by the presence of an older person in the home, a history of family violence, and financial burden.

If You Are Experiencing Elder Abuse...
  • Communicate often with trusted family members and friends.
  • If you are in an intimate relationship do not allow yourself to be isolated away from family and friends. Abusers use isolation to control their victims.
What Can I do to Help?
  • Contact Jennings County Council on Domestic Violence at 346-1592
  • Report suspected abuse to Adult Protective Services: 812.418.3183 - 800.992.6978
  • Stay in contact with your older relatives, neighbors, and friends. Check up on them when unexpected.
  • Contact the Agency on Aging Office at (866)644-6407

Do Not Keep It Quiet!
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